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Komposisi Hara dan Usaha-usaha Perbaikan Sifat Tanah di Sub DAS Sentani, Irian Jaya

Abstrak (Indonesia):
Abstract (English) :
The critical land of Sent ani Sub-Watershed, Irian Jaya are covered by Imperata cvlindrica. To improve this critical land either by reforestation. regreening or timber estate development. The information on Soil properties and its environment condition are crucially needed To support these activities. a soil survey was done in order to gather information of soil properties and to inform management about necessary measures needed to support the land improvement efforts. . The representative sites to identity soil properties in the field and to take S{)i/ samples were based on overlapping maps of the slope class. landose. and geomorph{)logy. T{) know soil chemical properties, soil samples were analyzed in the soi/laborat{)ry. The results from the s{)iI survey and soil analysis showed that the soil reaction of the syudy area was slightly ar'd to neutral At the soils with good aeration. there were a tendency that the increasing organic mailer would cause the increasing in total-N Nutrient content of the soils covered by grass and Imperato cvlindrica were not always lower than that of the soils covered by forest. To support the good growth of plant. Thapto-Typic Kanhapludaljic Typic Troporthents needs complete nutrient elements, that are N, p. K and organic mailer. The nutrients needed for the other soils are various, however it do not need as complete nutrients as Thapto-Typic Kanhapludalfic Typic Troporthents.
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Buletin Pengelolaan DAS No : III, 1
Penulis :
Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
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