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Dampak Sistem Logging Terhadap Sifat-sifat Tanah : Studi Kasus di Areal Inhutani Labanan, Kalimantan Timur

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In 1999, the ITTO stated that started in 2000 the tropical timber trading should be produced from forest managed sustainably. Sustainable Forest management should care to silvicultural technique. In the latter, logging is indeed the first and most important silvicultural treatment. Reduced impact logging (RIL) as one of silvicultural treatment has been tried recently by several forest consessions in Indonesia. Unfortunately, there were no information about the impact of logging system to the soil properties.. For this reason the research was conducted in November 2000 in PT. Inhutani I conssesion area, Labanan Unit, East Kalimantan. The research objective was to study the impact of RIL and Conventional logging systems on soil properties. The soil sampels were taken under dense and thin stands on several ages of logged over forest. The results showed that on the RIL system, the older the logged over area was the lower bulk density was and the higher the porosity was. More over, the older of the logged over area, the higher the available P was. On the other hand, on the conventional system, the older of the logged over area was the higher the pH, organic carbon, total N, and available K. On both RIL and conventional logging systems, the older the logged over area was, the higher the water holding capacity and CEC was. Considering that rehabilitation of physical properties of soils is longer as well as more difficult than that of their chemical properties, it is important to be considered to conduct RIL system in order to reduce natural resources degradation.
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Prosiding Ekspose Hasil Penelitian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Peng DAS Surakarta
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Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc.
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