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Penerapan Model Answers Untuk Pendugaan Erosisedimentasi di SubDAS Keduang-wonogiri

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Successful watershed management planning would be valuable when accurate data were collected and analyzed correctly, mainly on calculating and predicting soil erosion and sedimentation of a watershed. Currently, a number of models to predict soil erosion-sedimentation and runoff from a watershed are available, and one of them is called ANSWERS (Areal Nonpoint Source Watershed Environment Response Simulation). The model is a distributed model that accounts for spatial and temporal parameters. Considering the limitation of ANSWERS application, e.g., suggested for watershed area of no more than 10.000 ha, this model would be tested in Keduang subwatershed which had an area of 35.000 ha. The results indicate that 1) the rainfallrunoff relationship of using single rainfall event, the model could be applied in Keduang subwatershed (t-test performed non significant different); 2) the model did not give accurate result to predict annual soil erosion (under/over estimates); 3) to improve accurate prediction, the input of rainfall should be increased by a minimum of 1 rainfall station per 400 ha.
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Prosiding Ekspose BP2TPDAS-IBB Surakarta Wonogiri
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Ugro Hari Murtiono, Drs., M.Si., Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc.
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