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Kondisi Sosial Ekonomi Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai: Kasus Sub DAS Temon Dan Keduang

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The success of watershed management was not only determined by physically aspect which fulfill the conservation term, but also by social economic conditions. The social economic conditions will determine the sustainable of watershed management because human being are prominent determine in succes of natural resources management. The objectives of this research were to find out the social economic conditions at research and its relation to watershed conditions. Temon and Keduang Sub Watershed were chosen as research location because at the location have been conducted the watershed management practice. Besides that, both of those locations had difference in biophysical and sediment erosion level characteristics. Survei method was applied in collecting data and it was analyzed at comparative descriptivally. The results indicated that based on social economic conditions, Temon Sub Watershed was included in fairly good watershed. On the contrary, Keduang Sub Watershed was included in fairly bad watershed. Because of the shallow solum, the farmer in Temon Sub Watershed had conserved their land better than the farmer in Keduang Sub Watershed. Less in income had made the farmer in Temon Sub Watershed behaved more carefully in using their land. It was reflected on land conservation and plant selection effort. These efforts had an impact on low erosion and sedimentation.
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Prosiding Ekspose BP2TPDAS-IBB Surakarta Wonogiri
Penulis :
S. Andy Cahyono, Dr., SP., M.Si., Purwanto, Ir., M.Si.
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