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Evaluasi Kualitas Air di Hutan Tanaman Jati

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The fastly developing technology and growth of society have caused natural disasters, and had an impact on water resource quantity, quality and continuity. The worst management on production forest area, such as teak forest, has caused many problems on degradation water resource. The study objective is to evaluate water qualitiy condition in a stream from teak forest area (Modang sub watershed), and at various ages (KU) of teak forest plantation, in BKPH Pasarsore, KPH Cepu, PT. Perhutani (Persero) Unit I, Central Java. The results showed that generally the runoff from Modang Sub Watershed and at each various ages of teak forest is in good condition. So that, the water from teak forest area can be safely consummed for many things, i.e: domestic needs, fishery, irigation and cattle-breeding. Although the water condition showed worst turbidity, grey color and no smell, however chemically showed good condition (good criterion), and biologically showed good Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), but worst Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Comparing to a catchment in outer forest area (Grojogan Sub Watershed), the teak forest area showed better conditions.
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Prosiding Seminar "Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pengelolaan DAS"
Penulis :
Agung Budi Supangat, Dr., S.Hut., M.T.
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