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Pemasaran Kayu Rakyat : Permasalahan dan Solusinya

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Abstract (English) :
There are some obstacles that hamper the private forest development. One of those obstacles is peoples unwillingness to develop private forest because of marketing problem. This phenomenon is showed by people habit to plant annual cropping on the private forestland. Some research on private forest reported that the wood marketing problems are sold in stumpage product, fluctuative production and the weakness of farmer's bargaining power. There are some alternatives to solve the marketing problems. Those alternatives are to enchance farmer's skills in silviculture, to give market information, to give capital aid and to revise the contra productive regulation.
Media Publikasi :
Buletin Pengelolaan DAS, Vo.VIII, 2 Th.2002
Penulis :
Dewi Retna Indrawati, Ir., M.P.
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