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Kajian Karakteristik Aliran Pada Sub DAS Kawasan Hutan Jati

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Abstract (English) :
Forest as a hydrological regulator has to be managed properly in order to obtain the sustainable forest condition. Whatever management applied in forest land, it may influence on output of runoff and water yield. The objective of this study is to know the characteristics of streamflow in Teak forest catchment area, comparing to Private land catchment area. Two representative watersheds were used to carry out this study,e.i. Modang sub watershed (as a teak forest catchment area), and Grojogan sub watershed (as a private land catchment area), those area are located in Cepu and Blora districts, respectively Analyses of hydrograph from ARR and A WLR were used to measure rate of rainfall, runoff, and runoff coefficient of these watersheds. The results showed that during the calibration periode (1997-2000), there were no significant difference of hydrological characteristics at each year, on each sub watershed. Therfore, obtained results of each sub watersheds can be used to evaluate the further effect of managements applied on hydrological parameters in these areas. The forest land catchment area gave better characteristic of streamflow than that of the private land catchment area. Additionally, showed that all hydrological parametres of forest area were more constant than that of the private land area. Comparing to the forest area, the hydrological parameters of private land should be corrected with value of 9.6144 for runoff and O. 2076 for runoff coefficient..
Media Publikasi :
Buletin Teknologi Pengelolaan DAS No : VIII, 2
Penulis :
Agung Budi Supangat, Dr., S.Hut., M.T.
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