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Kajian Sosial Ekonomi Petani Lahan Sayur dan Tembakau dan Teknik Konservasi Tanah yang Diterapkan

Abstrak (Indonesia):
Abstract (English) :
Vegetables farming system mostly has been done on the step slope areas. On the other hand, the farmers have not applied appropriate soil conservation technique. Consequenly soil erosion takes place and it affect negatif impacts both onsite and ofJsite catcment-. Therefore, it was urgently needed to arrange a comprehensive study relating to soil conservation techniques that are suitable for vegetables and tobacco farming system. This study was conducted in Petarangan Village, Temanggung District, Central Java Province. The purposes of this study were to examine cropping pattern and erosion in vegetables and tobacco farm as well as to find conservatIOn techniques that are suitable for vegetables and tobacco farming systems. In order to observe soil erosion, three micro cacthments were observed SOClO economic aspects of the farmers were observed using questionnaire given to 30 farmers as respondents. The result of this study showed that 1) there were fourmix cropping patterns, that were a) potato - tobacco, and Mucuna sp b) cabbage, onion, chili - tobacco,and Mucuna sp c) tobacco, Mucuna sp - corn, Brassica rugosa, and cabbage d) onion - tobacco, and Mucuna sp 2) The productivity of tobacco was 777 - 2621 kglha and it gave profit Rp 11.566.983 - Rp.80. 184. 1J3/ha 3) The highest erosion occurred in on December due to the high rainfall and the bareland 4) the soil conservation techniques applied by farmers is outward terrace. 5) base on the discussion, it found that in implementation of soil conservation techniques, the farmers want to get a good drainage, no water logging, the root of the the terrace stability plant does not spread out to the tillagefield and the hight doesn '/ shade the main crop.
Media Publikasi :
Buletin Teknologi Pengelolaan DAS No : VIII, 1
Penulis :
Nur Ainun Jariyah, S.Hut., M.Sc., Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc., Syahrul Donie, Ir. M.Si
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