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Teknik Rehabilitasi dan Pemanfaatan Lahan Bekas Tambang Feldspar di Banjarnegara (Rehabilitation And Utilization Techniques On Ex-mining Land Of Feldspar In Banjarnegara)

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Sapi sub watershed of Serayu watershed which is located in Banjarnegara District has been categorized as a degraded or critical area. This condition has been worsened by mining activities of feldspar on the steep sloping land. Additionally, needs of land for agriculture is higher, so people try to utilize the unproductive of ex-mining areas to fulfill their requirement. However, appropriate technology is not available yet. To accomplish such problem, study has been conducted with emphasis on land rehabilitation and land utilization goals. Two deferent conditions of mining floor areas i.e. rocky (consolidated material) soil and mix soil (sediment) areas. For rehabilitation purpose that area is treated with Mucuna sp., a legume crop; whereas, for agriculture needs it was introduced plant tree of teak and mahogany, and white pepper crop which were plated within individual hole of 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m size. Growth media within the planting holes consisted of three different treatments of : (1) mixture of topsoil and manure (10 Kg/hole), (2) mixture of topsoil and rice husk charcoal (10 Kg/hole), and topsoil. Teak and mahogany were planted by row interplanting system with planting space of 2m x 4m; whereas, white pepper crop was planted between rows of teak and mahogany plantations. These combinations of treatments (2 different soil conditions x 3 different growth media) were implemented within three replications. For one-year observation (year of 2002) it was recognized that at the feldfar ex-mining land the survival of teak plantation was better than mahogany plant. On the sedimention of ex mining (mix soil) teak and mahogany performance indicated higher growth comparing to those on rock soil. Application of organic fertilizers on growth media contributed significantly better response on the development of teak and mahogany. Production of Mucuna sp. that was planted during the rainy season was higher than planted at dry season, and better result was obtained from mix soil area. Growth performance of white pepper, one month old, was better on the mix soil instead of rock soil. It suggested that the immediate use of the ex-mining land for agricultural purposes, mined floor soil should be filled with topsoil, although with thin layer.
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Prosiding Ekspose BP2TPDAS-IBB Surakarta Kebumen
Penulis :
Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc., Bambang Subandrio
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