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Konservasi Air Lahan Kering Sebagai Alternatif Pengembangan Lahan Kering

Abstrak (Indonesia):
Abstract (English) :
Paradigm development that placing forward economic growth has raced natural resource exploited redundantly. Exploiting natural resource progressively mount in line due to the increasing of population growth and people's needs. As a result, natural resources become scarce in quality and quantity. Water and land as one of the vital resources to human life and development do not miss also from degradation. Dry farming represents potential nature resource to be developed, but the availability of water becomes an especial constrictor factor in its development. This article is out for elaborate water conservation techniques, which can be applied at dry farming land. Various water conservation techniques have been checked and developed as a mean to save water at rainy season and to be exploited at dry season. Some water conservation technique which can be applied in dry farming for example, are: (1) Grouping crop in a landscape followed by same amount of water requirement, (2) Adjustment of crop type with regional characteristic, (3) Determination of correct pattern plant, (4) Using of mulsa on the surface of land, (5) Making of terrace at steep farm, (6) Making of wind break to lessen speed of wind, and (7) water harvesting. Development dry farming requires water conservation technique which aims to reduce constrictor factor irrigate in dry farming. Availability of water in dry farming is needed to take care of optimal agricultural produce. But, the conservation technique implementation depends on biophysical condition, socio economics, and desire of farmer.
Media Publikasi :
Prosiding Hasil Litbang 'Rehabilitasi Lahan Kritis' Banjarnegara, 6 Desember 2003
Penulis :
Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc., S. Andy Cahyono, Dr., SP., M.Si.
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