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Kajian Finansial Usahatani Hutan Rakyat Pada Beberapa Strata Luas Kepemilikan Lahan

Abstrak (Indonesia):
Abstract (English) :
Farming system encompasses both cultivated plant species and used plant combination. Applying of private forest farming system has been proven that it can contribute foodstuff for farmers. increase the farmers' income. and create working opportunities. Nevertheless. range of its feasibility has been not known well yet. Therefore. financial study on private forest farming system is urgently needed. This research was objectived to find out the financial feasibility of private forest farming which is dominant in Wonogiri Regency. especially at Sumberejo Village, Batuwarno District. Stratified Random Sampling Technique was applied to collect the field data. This sampling was based on three level of land holdings namely less than 0.25 hectare (Ha). 0.25 -1,00 Ha and more than 1,00 Ha, and used 10% of Sampling Intensity. The Result of this research indicated that 1) Private forest farming which most financially feasibility is private forest which carry out on land holding less than 0,25 Ha by tree combination per hectare are 70 trees of mahogany and 107 of teak; 2) The level of financial feasibility is sensitive toward wood price fluctuation; 3) The level of financial feasibility is determined by planted tree species and its combination; 4) Tree species, which is planted, depend on farmers' interest, whereas food crops depend on land suitability, fast yield, easy cultivation, and high economic value; 5) Private forest was established by means "cemplongan" system because of its biophysics conditions.
Media Publikasi :
Jurnal Pengelolaan DAS Surakarta Vol. IX, 1 2003
Penulis :
Nur Ainun Jariyah, S.Hut., M.Sc., S. Andy Cahyono, Dr., SP., M.Si., Nunung Puji N. S.Hut., M.Sc., Ph.D, Dody Yuliantoro
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