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Sifat-Sifat Tanah Dan Erosi Pada Lahan Kritis Dan Upaya-Upaya Rehabilirasi Pada Sub DAS Sapi

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Intensive tillage on steep slope land has caused in increasing quantity of critical land. Land rehabilitation of such critical land will be more focussed and could be realized if it is not used top down approach, but the program should be pay attention to local people's aspiration, as well as biophysical characteristics. Based on the problem above, a study has been done to examine soil properties, soil erosion and social economic aspects of critical land, and also efforts to cope the problems. Biophysical properties were assessed by micro catchment approach, meanwhile social economic data were collected by discussion and survey at village level. Soil erosion was measured at the micro catchment outlet by using erosion collector. Soil samples were taken at the upper and lower of slopes. At the beginning of the study, it was not applied treatments on the micro catchments, so that existing soil erosion was resulted from farming system done by farmers. The study showed that from biophysical aspects the soil type in the study area was Typic Troporthents that characterized by acid, very low fertility, tolerable soil erosion 3-< 7 ton/ha/year, and land capability class VIII g. Actual erosion rate in micro catchment 1, II and III were 67.95, 60.01, and 41.29 ton/ha/year, respectively. From the social aspects, it revealed that the farmers have realized their land fertility tends to decrease. Although they farm on steep slope, the majority of farmers has not applied terrace, yet. The existing terraces were not properly made. Some treatments should be applied to rehabilitate the critical dry land are: 1). Application of soil conservation, as well as improvement of the existing terrace; 2). Application of liming, in order to raise soil pH, increase nutrients availability and improvement of soil structure; 3). Fertilization, it is directed to meet nutrients need for crops; 4) Increase of land utilization by planting marketable crops.
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Prosiding Penelitian 'Konservasi Tanah & Hutan Rakyat'
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Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc., Dewi Retna Indrawati, Ir., M.P.
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