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Kajian Kuantifikasi Kandungan Karbon Pada Hutan Tanaman Jati (Tectona Grandis LINN)

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Abstract (English) :
Forests cover a quarter part of world land area and plays an important role in maintaining global environment, such as controlling flood, desertification process, and sequestration and fixation of CO2. The existing of forest was decreasing due to slash and burn activities, over forest felling for fuel wood and commercial timber, conversion of forest land to other uses. Our world is now opening to adversity of global warming. It is believed that most of CO2 and other green house gases were released from economics activities formed a layer surrounding world atmosphere, stopped solar energy, and caused a raise average temperature. Climate change caused by global warming has overcome to more intent natural disaster in some parts of the world as before. Concerning this situation, BP2TPDAS-IBB have conducted a study to collect and analyze some data to quantify the fixation of carbon content, stands biomass by making allomatric equation in teak (Tectona grandis LINN) as one favorite species in developing industrial plantation forest. The study was located at teak plantation forest at Cepu Forestry District (KPH), Perum Perhutani Unit II, Central Java. The research deals with the observation of the current condition and does not employ a treatment. The research methodology used to quantify carbon sequestration in the plant biomass was IPCC approximation guidelines. In this research assumed that, the amount of absorbed and stored of carbon contents in plant was the same as the carbon content in the plant biomass. The results of the study show that the correlation equations between stand/plant age and diameter, total dry weight biomass and diameter, also carbon content and diameter give high value of determination coefficient. It means that those equations could be used to estimate the carbon content of teak stand/plant.
Media Publikasi :
Jurnal Penelitian Hutan dan Konservasi Alam
Penulis :
Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc., Heru Dwi Riyanto, Ir.

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