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Metode Estimasi Potensi Air Di Bawah Hutan Jati : Study kasus Sub DAS Cemoro, Cepu

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Teak plantation forests are the component of watershed supporting water balance of the surrounding ecosystems. Teak is commonly found in the dry climate so that water supply is frequently found as problem. Although the percentage area of teak plantation forest in java is not Significant compared to other land covers, its impacts on potential water supply be recognized in order to manage forest sustainably. Measurement of river out of forest should be made, but the tools and skill of Perum Perhutani as manager of the forest are not sufficient. Based on that, modeling is required to simplify such measurement. In addition, simple and straightforward model is essential To fill this requirement this study waS conducted in Cemoro sub watershed using Thornthwaite and Mather method and also direct measurement to assess its accuracy. Thornthwaite and Mather method was used for its simplicity and lesser data used such as precipitation, temperature, water holding capacity and root zone depth. Using data in the years of 2006 and 2007, this study showed that estimation of potential water supply using model was in line with the direct measurements. Estimated potential water supply was 847.77 mm while from direct measurement was 693 mm. This result also showed that there was a Significant relationship between estimated and direct measurement of water potential with R2 equal to 0.62. Development of the models was required using different assumption that was not only 50% of water surplus flowing in the next months.
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Prosiding Workshop Hasil Litbang Sintesa Hutan Tanaman
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Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc., Nining Wahyuningrum, Ir., M.Sc.
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