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Bertahan Hidup di Kawasan Erupsi Lahar Gunung Merapi

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Abstract (English) :
Life in Umbul Harjo Villege and Kepuh Harjo Village billowing Cangkringan Sleman district affected by the eruption of lava from Mount Merapi, to this day still can survive. They received help from the government and the private sector to sustain life. They promised to get help to live for 2 (two) years since the famous barracks occupied by the term shelter. The study was carried on in NgrangkahUmbul Harjo Village and Pager Jurang - Kepuh Harjo Village. Both locations are in Cangkringan District, Sleman District - Central Java. Studies conducted in March 2011, with interview techniques. The study is the socio-economic cecara they collapsed, but his fighting spirit is commendable. They stay alive for the future of their children. The government and the private sector to give assistance in the form of tenement type simple tin-roofed bamboo-walled, kitchen appliances and other household articles such as mattresses, cabinets and chairs for guests simple. Also assisted 12 kg of rice 1 person 1 month, the money side dishes Rp 150.0001 person 1 month for 2 (two) years. Productive workforce that has no job, opted for the solid work of improving the environment for a fee of Rp 35.000Ipeoplelday. Their children remain in school and free of charge starting from elementary school, junior high through CMS.
Media Publikasi :
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Upaya Pemulihan Lahan Akibat Erupsi Gunungapi, HITI UNS
Penulis :
C. Yudilastiantoro, Ir., MP.
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