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Contribution Of Soil Horizons As Carbon Pools Under Various Land Covers

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Soil organic carbon (SOC) plays an important roles in the maintanance of soil productivity and in the global carbon cycle. Its spatial and vertical distributions depend on climate, soil properties, and land management including land use or land cover. A study to quantify and examine distribution of SOC was undertaken under various land covers in Kedung Bulus sub-watershed in Gombong, Central Java. The land covers include dry paddy field, mix garden, and forest plantations of Teak with two age classes, and Pine with four age classes. Soil samples for carbon organic analysis were carried out from 44 plots. The soil samples were taken from every 20 cm depth untill 100 cm or until parent material was found. Within the plots, forest inventories were conducted to obtain characteristics of stand parameters. The results show that in the top of 20 cm, the SOC varies from 16 ton C/ha under Teak plantation to 47.8 ton C/ha under mix plantation. At the depth of 20 to 100 cm, the soils contain organic carbon which range from 88.5 to 127.1 ton C/ha. On the average, the amount of SOC in the sub-horizons account for 69.1 to 85.2 % of the total (100 cm depth). Due to the high SOC content in the sub-horizons, therefore stabilizing SOC in those profile zones should be conducted. In addition, the sub-horizons can be used as carbon pools to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The study confirms that the increase in clay content tend to be followed by the increase in SOC.
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Proceeding International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment
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Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
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