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The ability of pine forests in reducing peak flow at Kedungbulus sub watershed, Central Java, Indonesia

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Abstract (English) :
Flooding and forest has been a major controvertial debate. Some people believe that forests can prevent flooding, however, others argue that forests will reduce water yield of watersheds. The aim of the research is to investigate the ability of pine forest in reducing peak flow in Kedungbulus watershed, Central Java. In the study 5 (five) sub watersheds were analyzed. The investigated sub watersheds are covered by various pine forests from 38% to 95% of watershed area. Wordview image 2012 and ground checked were used to classify land cover. Peak flow was derived from automatic water level recorder with interval recorded for every 5 minutes. The results show that the pine forest cannot reduce peak flow when the rainfall more than 60 mm, rainfall intensity more than 40 mm/hour, and antecedent soil moisture content/ASMC (total rainfall occurring within the preceding 5 days) more than 215 mm. At this condition the peak flows at various forest areas have the same results about 2.5 m3/sec/km2. In contrast, when the amount of rainfall is 50 mm, rainfall intensity is 50 mm/hour and ASMC is 132 mm, the specific peak 1550 flows are 0.25 m3/sec/km2 and 0.95 m3/sec/km2 for sub watershed with 95% and 38 % of pine forest. The specific peak flow is not only influenced by rainfall and forest cover area but also rainfall intensity and antecedent soil moisture content. The research findings are useful for the local government and society to recognize that pine forest has limitation for decreasing peak flow especially for high rainfall. In order to reduce peak flow on medium rainfall (<60 mm ), the pine forest area in the watershed should be 40% of the watershed area. Keywords: Specific peak flow; Pinus merkusii; rainfall intensity; antecedent soil moisture content
Media Publikasi :
International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences
Penulis :
Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc.

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