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Base flow from various area of pine forest at Kedungbulus sub watershed, Kebumen District, Central Java, Indonesia

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Many factors affect the existence of base flow such as geological type, slope, soil type, climate, and land cover. Among these factors, land cover is the only factor that can be managed. Therefore, a research has been counducted in order to find the effect of pine forest area on base flow, base flow index, and low flow. Five sub watersheds with different pine forest cover areas are used for analyzing the base flow and low flow. Base flow was separated from total flow using Hydro Office package software BFI+30, while low flows were measured directly during dry season. The results showed that the relationship between the area of pine forests and base flow has three patterns andit depends on daily rainfall. When daily rainfall is high (>70 mm), there was a positive correlation, which means the larger the forest the bigger the base flow. On the other hand, when the daily rainfallwas medium (40-70 mm), there is no correlation between the area and base flow, while at the low daily rainfall is which is less than 40 mm, the correlation is negative. In addition, there wasa positive correlation between pine forest area and base flow index (BFI). The higher the BFI value, the better the water storage. The average values of BFI were 0.55 and 0.75 for 43% and 75% pine forest coverage, respectively. The pine forest was still able to hold water in the rainy season and released it in the dry season. Positive correlations between pine forest area and low flow was observed during 2012 to 2015. In order to increase base flow and low flow in pine forest, water conservation measures should be implemented in forested area such as terraces and water trap.

Keywords: Base Flow, Low Flow, Pine Forest, Watershed, Indonesia

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International Journal of Development and Sustainability, Vol 6 No 3 (2017)
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Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc.
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