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Agarwood (Gyrinops spp.) Development Strategy to Empower Local Community at Papua Natural Forest: A Case Study of Forest Concession Areas in Boven Digoel, Papua)

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Various programs that have been implemented to empower local community surrounding production forest are misdirected. As a result, the program implementation fails to improve community standard of living. The main causes of the misdirection of the programs are: 1) the program is implemented using top down approach; 2) local community and traditional values are neglected; 3) lack of participation; 4) the approach that has been used is not holistic; and 5) investment imagination. In addition, the empowerment programs often do not acknowledge the potency of local production forest. As the major non timber forest products of Boven Digoel, Agarwood should be utilised as a tool to empower local community surrounding production forests in Boven Digoel. It is expected that the Agarwood utilisation could be used as a tool for: 1) conflict possibilities reduction; 2) poverty elevation; 3) community standard of living improvement, 4) land rehabilitation; and 5) endangered species conservation. Using qualitative descriptive approach, this study identifies the external factors (benefits and threats) and internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) to formulate strategies for agarwood utilisation as empowerment tools for IUPHHK PT Tunas Timber Lestari production forest. Data is collected through documentations or literature study, observations and interviews, and then is examined using SWOT analysis. Results of the study imply that the agarwood development should be considered as a useful strategy to empower community in Boven Digoel. The results also show that S-O strategy is the strategies for agarwood utilisation in local community empowerment. This strategy exploits the progressive opportunities and strengths in the first quadrant. This strategy proposes two recommendations, namely: 1) forming competent multi stakeholder commission for Agarwood development; and 2) establishing Agarwood demo plot in a production forest. These two recommendations are likely to improve local community participation in forest management.

Keywords: Strategy; development; agarwood; empowerment; local community; production forest.

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Proceedings Of IUFRO-INAFOR Joint International Conference 2017
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Baharinawati Wilhan Hastanti, S.Sos, M.Sc.
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