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Modification of Curve Number on Pine Forest Catchment at Gombong, Central Java, Indonesia

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Flood volume of forest catchment can be predicted by Curve Number (CN) method. CN method was developed by Soil Conservation Service, USA. Application of the method in a tropical country such as in Indonesia may need some modifications since the method was developed in the temperate region. The aim of the research is to determine CN value for pine forest in a tropical region, Indonesia. Kalipoh catchment was used to apply the method. The catchment area is 45 ha and almost all of the area is covered by pine forest (95%) and the rest is shrubs (5%). Hydrological station was installed by water level recorder (logger) with interval measurement every 5 minutes. Flood volume from direct measurement was measured and compared with flood volume prediction using CN. Coefficient of determination (R) is used to measure the correlation between the measured and the predicted of flood volume. The collected data from 2015 to 2016 with various rainfall event from 20 mm to 93 mm were used for trial and error in selecting CN value and Antecedent Moisture Content (AMC). The results show that the observed and the predicted of flood volume has R2 = 0.437 for CN = 60 (the original value) and R2 = 0.459 for CN = 55. When the AMC was change to the wettest condition (AMC class III), it has R2= 0.922. It can be concluded that pine forest in the tropical region has CN value of 55 and the value of AMC should be on wet condition (AMC class III).

Keywords: Curve Number; Pine Forest; Antecedent Moisture Content

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International Journal of Development and Sustainability ISSN: 2186-8662 – Volume 8 Number 1 (2019): Pages 48-60
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Irfan Budi Pramono, Dr., Drs., M.Sc., Tyas Mutiara Basuki, Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
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