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Distribution of tree species around springs and trees-springs interplay possibility in the springs area of Soloraya, Central Java, Indonesia

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Abstract (English) :

The research aimed to analyze the distribution of trees species around springs in various environmental factors and the trees-springs interplay possibility in Soloraya region, Indonesia. Investigation was conducted by survey using census method within 10 m radius toward upstream from the point of vegetated springs or previously vergrown by trees. Cluster analysis and discriminant analysis divided 59 springs areas into four (4) groups based on environmental characteristics summarized into two (2) general groups (lowlands and highlands). Only Ficus benjamina was widely distributed shown by high value of relative frequency in entire areas (80%) and high value of indicator species in both lowlands and highlands which was statistically similar. Particular species were obviously dependent on environmental factors (Samanea saman and Innocarpus fagiferus for lowlands, Artocarpus elasticus and Bischofia javanica for highlands). Species dependency on environmental factors was also performed by Canonical Correspondence Analysis showing 0.604, 0.538 and 0.647 of correlation coeffi- cients for elevation, average rainfall and average temperature, respectively. This research also found an association between trees condition and water-flow of springs. It was supported by 0.57 of contingency coefficient which was statistically significant. The information obtained was expected to lead restoration/rehabilitation efforts on the spring protection zone. Adding the number of samples and environmental factors were suggested for future research to get more information. Deeper investigation on the role of the trees around springs was also suggested.

Keywords:springs; tree species distribution; indicator value;tree-springs interplay

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Forest Science and Technology, Juni 2019
Penulis :
Siswo, Susi Abdiyani, S.Hut.,M.Sc., M.Env.Mgmt
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